Crossed Alliances: Brawl of Champions is a dynamic game of power and planning. The old alliances of Fiendheim and Nova have shattered, leaving the champions in a bloody free-for-all in the land of Arth, the world between worlds. The mighty clash will shake the heavens above and the depths below!

Crossed Alliances is a game for two-players. Take turns with your opponent drafting the perfect team from a limited set from the deck of sixty (and counting) unique champions, then do your best to anticipate your opponent’s moves and secretly send your champions across the land of Arth to claim Gold Credits and achieve victory!

Meet some of the champions!


Board Certified Disembowler

It has passed its exams and it is ready to hit the work force… with a vengeance! People’s internal organs quake in fear as the Board Certified Disembowler approaches!


Gurgon, Knight of Nova

He hails from deep space and collects Gold Credits equal to the number of victorious Nova champions! Gurgon, Knight of Nova is all that stands between the Free Stations and the encroaching armies of Necroman, Sovereign Mage of the Undead.


Cakeface the Fool

They have a face that is literally a cake and they are here to help. Whether it’s cheering up the other brawlers or going toe-to-toe with the toughest characters from Fiendheim and Nova, Cakeface is ready!