Here’s some more testimonials from people who have played role-playing games with Peter as their Game Master.

When I was recently filling out a form to see a new therapist, I was asked what is currently helping my emotional/mental state. Pretty high on the list was my D&D group. I believe a D&D group is only as good as the GM. Without a good GM who is generous, funny, and quick on their feet, the campaign can quickly disintegrate and become stale. Peter Quinn-Jacobs takes GMing very seriously in that he puts time, care, and effort into creating a story that we quite often demolish by taking a turn he wasn’t expecting. Even so, he lets us explore Gaien and never tries to pull the leash of our party too hard to get us back on track. I sincerely love my D&D group and having Peter DM for us. I’m already planning additional characters for future campaigns with him!


Peter’s DM-ing style is the perfect balance of structure and creativity. The worlds he creates are compelling, full of weight and lore without feeling arbitrary or heavy-handed. He creates amazing stories that offer guidance on where to go and what to do but allows for freedom of player creativity and impulsiveness. His ability to follow his players’ whims allows for fun and unexpected consequences lets the players feel in control of their own story, but never so far off the rails as to lose sight of the greater goal. He knows when to let players explore and get up to shenanigans, but also knows when to rein a story in so that the world doesn’t lose sight of his weight, consequences, and stakes. Yes, you can go to a comedy club for the night instead of investigating the inn, if you want. But, no, you can’t just decide that you totally have advantage on this roll and no, your character can’t suddenly do this skill they’ve never done before. Knowing when to accommodate a player and when to hold a player accountable makes the story fun but also gives the story impact. Anyone who has the joy to have Peter as their DM is in for an exciting player experience with amazing bonding opportunities between players, memorable NPCs, exciting worldbuilding, and captivating storytelling.


As a Dungeon Master, Peter provides a fun, fast-paced, immersive experience. His prior experience with D&D and encyclopedic knowledge of its rules make it easy to focus on the campaign’s story line, characters, and group dynamics. If you’re looking to improve your campaigns or your ability as a Dungeon Master, Peter is also a great teacher who will work with you to build your game mechanics or storytelling abilities in an iterative, constructive way. Cannot recommend highly enough.


Most folks hope for one of two things from a GM – a well planned out mission, or solid improvisation.  Peter Quinn-Jacobs brings both- and more. Do you want maps that change based on actions in combat?  Do you want court intrigue?  Do you want chase sequences? Hack and slash areas?  More than anything, do you want your actions in the world to have real, interesting consequences?  Peter is ready to build and modify a world that changes with you. Humorous, intricate, complex, and engaging, the worlds and GMing style that Peter brings to the table are well worth your time. He will work with you to build not only an interesting character, but a world that responds to that character and builds its narrative with each character arc in the campaign.


Peet is a phenomenal DM! If you are tired of being railed down a road by intransigent DMs then look no further. His ability to create compelling scenes on the fly with no forewarning by his players is top notch. As a DM he understands the game is about having fun, such that he always looks to make the players actions impactful no matter how transient the idea. This skill helps the game flow in an engaging way and often can have consequences or rewards beyond the players initial passing action. Spawning story threads and following through with satisfying payoffs is Peets bread and butter, he is by far the best DM I have had the pleasure of playing with and would sit back at his table anytime!