Are you ready for an adventure?

Behold! The world of Gaien awaits, a magical mix of swords and sorcery where elegant elves enchant beautiful blades in tall towers and gibbering goblins craft crazy contraptions in their dark dens. From the southern jungles of Icpatepec to the blighted mountains of Old Warda, Gaien brims with adventures for those bold enough to take them. A war older than the mortal races of Gaien rages between the archdeities across the planes of the sun, moon, stars, and void, but that is a story for another time. This story, well—this story is up to you.

I run typical fantasy role-playing games as well as atypical games in myriad settings. Gaien is my own homebrew setting with a unique blend of playable classes and races. It also has its own pantheon of gods and an ever-growing history that you and your characters can help shape!

Let’s Play Together!

My name is Peter Quinn-Jacobs and I would love to play a role-playing game with you. I grew up playing these games and I love introducing new players to them. I currently live in Washington, D.C. with my wife and my dog. I grew up as a home schooler in Central New York and I earned a degree in English from Wells College and a Juris Doctorate from the College of William & Mary.


Whether you already have a group or you’re looking for one, if you need a Game Master, please contact me about rates and how to get started!


I run games with kids aged 8-18 over at Writopia Lab. You can ask for me specifically to run your game or play with any of our other excellent Game Masters.

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