The Burning Tavern Games Company is a small operation located in Washington, D.C. We develop tabletop games and computer games, produce gaming podcasts, and run role-playing adventures with regularly meeting groups and for events.

The Team

Peter Quinn-Jacobs is our game designer, game master, and podcaster. He fell in love with games at a very early age, learning to play War with his grandmother. He credits Monopoly for teaching him arithmetic and Dungeons & Dragons for his improvisational skills. He tweets @PMOQJ.

Rita Feinstein is our resident artist as well as a writer, teacher, and dog mom. Though her first love will always be Neopets, she also enjoys building chaotic D&D characters and professing that she would die for any named NPC. These days, when she’s not doodling goblins or drafting her latest novel, she can be found reading, watching, or playing The Witcher. She tweets @RitaFeinstein and her published work can be found here.